Introducing: 30W Smart Solar LED Light – No Wiring Necessary

Remote Lakeside Cabins with Solar Lights

Light up remote areas. Absolutely no wiring necessary.

(exposure to sunlight is required)

High output solar panels get charged up during the day and then provide power to high efficiency Epistar LEDs once night sets in. Absolutely no wiring needed! The light is equipped with a photocell sensor and comes with a remote control allowing you to choose from two different power settings and several running times. IP65 rated for outdoor use. Part # NRC-ISGL05-30W

30W Solar Light




If activated, the Photosensor will detect when light levels decrease and automatically turn on at night. Once it gets light out again, the light will turn itself off.





Top View of 30W Solar Light




High Output Solar Panels store solar energy in a high capacity lithium battery pack. The battery pack has a 2-3 day backup energy storage for rainy days when no or little charge is possible.





30W Solar Light Remote Control

The remote control allows you to choose from several different settings: full power or half power, whether you only want the photosensor to be on so that the light stays on as long as it is dark out, or if you further want to decrease its running time by limiting its hours. (3, 5 and 8 hour running times are available.)





Please Note: To ensure proper function of this solar powered light, make sure to install it in a location with access to plenty of sunlight and keep its solar panel surface free from snow and debris.




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