Photo Contest v1 Draw Winners!

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Ended April 18th, 2018

The Team here at NightRider™ would like to congratulate the winners of our first ever Photo Contest Draw on our Facebook Page.


1st Place Winner

Chad Beveridge, Dawson City Yukon

Won: Rider Series 12” Double Row Light Bar Kit 


2nd Place Winner

Rylan Hodge, Kamloops British Columbia

Won: PowerZoom 1000 lumen LED Flash Light Kit

3rd Place Winner

Trent Berry, Prince George British Columbia

Won: Two NightRider™ Ball Caps



There were a lot of great photos submitted and we really appreciate the effort everyone put into taking pictures and sending them into us.

Check out the gallery of entries here or the entire list on our Facebook Page Album Gallery.



Photo Contest Entries V1 Gallery

Chad Beveridge

Teddy Smith

Matt LaChapelle

Mark Maaskant

Justin Neault

John Russell Lubo

John Russell Lubo

John Russell Lubo

Joey Goossen

Garrett Hollinshead

David Bizier

Curtis Ireland

Chase Johnson

Chad Beveridge

Chad Beveridge

Trent Berry

Trent Berry

Trent Berry

Tom Jardine

Scott Jarvis

Scott Jarvis

Rylan Hodge

Mackenzie Tonkin

John Keating

Jason LeBlanc

Deana Couldwell

Daniel Vinette

Brock Maksymiw

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