Meet the Next Generation of Corn Lights!

Improved Efficiency, No More Cooling Fans, Longer Lifespan

Gen2 Corn Lights are more compact than before and equipped with a more efficient heat sink. This eliminates the need for a built-in cooling fan, which in turn increases the light’s lifespan. With ratings of up to 150 lumens per Watt (150lm/W), these new lights are also more energy efficient than the previous generation. But the advantages do not stop there: Gen2 Corn Lights also come with some adjustable settings!

The following is a breakdown of the available options.


12W and 18W GEN2 Corn Lights:
Choose Your Light’s Colour Temperature

The two lowest wattage corn lights come with a switch allowing you to set/change your light’s colour temperature. You can choose from Warm White (3,000K), Cool White (4,000K), or Daylight (5,000K)

Simply remove the plastic cover located in the middle of the corn light’s top and slide the switch to the desired setting.

Changing the Colour Temperature of Your Corn Light




36W to 120W Gen2 Corn Lights:
Save Even More Energy With Stepped Dimming


What is Stepped Dimming?

Starting at 36W to 120W, Gen2 Corn Lights come with three power settings (their light colour is set to Daylight/5,000K). The first setting is at full power, the second setting is a step lower, the third one two steps lower.

For example the Gen2 80W corn light can be set at 80W(full power), 63W, or 54W depending on how much power is required to adequately illuminate the space the light is used for. This allows for further energy savings!

Switching Wattage Setting on Gen2 80W Corn Light


Simply adjust power output by changing the settings on the switch located at the top of the Gen2 LED Corn Light.


How do the Gen2 Corn Lights compare to the Original ones?

Thanks to improvements in efficiency (now as high as 150 Lumens per Watt) the new generation corn lights come in lower wattages than the original ones.

Below is a comparison chart for you to look at.





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