LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs are back!

The second generation of OEM replacement LED headlight bulbs are now ready to be installed!


Still just as bright as before but with an improved driver running at lower temperatures.


Heat Exchange Diagram for LED Headlight


The innovative all-in-one design efficiently and quickly transfers heat created by the LEDs down to the copper cooling bands. This eliminates the need for a troublesome fan, increases the bulb’s lifespan and reduces its size. Heat transfer is fast enough to allow for high power output without the risk of overheating.





The NHCAT LED headlight replacement bulb is smallest in its category. The pure braided copper cooling bands are also flexible making installation quick and easy. The new cooling bands are now red to fit in with our NightRider™ colours.



Second generation LED headlight bulbs have a shaped beam with clear cut-off line, which will reduce glare for oncoming traffic.






Driver and LED headlight bulb are now an all-in-one product.

This makes installation faster and trouble shooting easier.





We have tested these lights in many types and and models of trucks/cars and in most cases we have not experienced a problem. However, depending on your vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM) you may need to add a decoder when switching to NHCAT LED headlight bulbs to achieve optimal lighting.




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