CURVED 30″ AND 40″ BARS – The New Revolution in Street Legal Lighting!

Before the arrival of the JET BLACK Series,

the longest street legal* bar measured 20 inches straight.


ECE R112 Certification


From a straight 20″ to a curved 40″ JET BLACK series bar:


Latest advancements have allowed for longer bars

– even with an engineered curve –

to get certified for street legal* use.


Please note that this certification is an ECE R112, which is only street legal where E-Mark standards are recognized. For those of you lucky enough to live in such an area, however, the future is here!


Curved Jet Black Series E-Mark light bars are available in a 30″ and 40″ double row, as well as 32″ and 40″ single row versions.



Line Up of Curved JET BLACK Series Bars

The engineered curve adds extra light shining into the ditches at night so that you can see wildlife long before it is right in front of you.



Driving at night has never been more enjoyable!!


Tip: If you happen to have the real estate on your vehicle, you are allowed TWO 40″ curved E-Mark bars for street legal* auxiliary driving lights!




*Always check with regional rules and regulations regarding theuse of auxiliary driving lights. NightRider™ LEDS strives to deliverthe safest and most lawful lights, but cannot be held accountable for regional restrictions, improper mounting, aiming, or wiring.




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