SKU : NFPro5

Multifunctional Work Light

Flashlight, headlamp or work light. Super compact and versatile: convenient extra lighting for wherever and whenever you need it. Rechargeable.

5W / 500 Lumens



Additional information

Part ID



500 Lumens




Spot Beam at front with COB flood beam on its side

Light Settings

Spot Beam: high / low
COB Flood Beam: white, red, flashing red



Chip Type

ZT 3535 LED and COB

IP Rating



14500 rechargeable Li-ion battery (built-in)

Run Time

2 – 5 hours


5.5" in length, 0.83" diameter

Use it as flashlight, headlamp or work light. This super compact light comes with a high power ZT 3535 LED chip at its tip and COB flood light on its side, so you can choose to either shine into the distance, or to simply light up the area right around you. A strong magnet with swivel joint in its base allows for quick attachment to metal surfaces resulting in convenient hands free lighting. 5 different light settings: high spot/ low spot/ white COB flood, red COB flood, flashing red COB flood. Rechargeable built-in Li-ion battery.

Comes with headband, USB extension cord as well as dual USB car charger for more charging options.

Approximate Run Time: 2 -5 hours

Always charge this light on a fire-proof surface and do not leave unattended while charging.