Introducing the Jet Black Work Edition

A completely new look. High performance. Tough build.

The Jet Black Work Edition lights come with newly designed special flood reflectors spreading the light wide and evenly. Their housings are super compact and the black front adds a cool new look!

But this series is not just about looks: these lights are built to withstand harsh working conditions and are equipped with an internal Temperature Control System (TCS) maximizing performance and protecting them from overheating.

If you are looking for a work light to add to your slow moving or stationary piece of equipment, this series will easily surpass your expectations.

Let’s take a look at this series’ special features*:

Best of all, thanks to their compact build we are able to add them to our Economy Lights Series, which means not only do you get a powerful work light, but you also get it at a very cost effective price!


Check out the specs for this series!


*Please note that not all Jet Black Work Edition lights have a built-in Deutsch plug, the two smallest (NJW30RD & NJW40SQ) come with regular Deutsch plugs attached to a 0.5m length of wire coming off the back of the light. These two lights also do not have the moisture breather feature.

NJW90 comes with a built-in large Deutsch plug.



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