Frequently Asked Questions

driving beam is designed specifically for driving on and off-highway at increased speeds.

NightRider™ driving beams have been engineered to reduce light glare to oncoming traffic or equipment while increasing light focus down onto the road or focus area where you need the light.

NightDriver™ Series lights all incorporate a highly refined driving beam to meet strict ECE (E-Mark) or SAE certification for street legal auxiliary lighting.

Combo beam is a beam consisting of both spot and flood. Combo beams have the advantage of shining both far AND wide at the same time.

Most of our LED lightbars are designed to have a combo beam, allowing good distance illumination down the road while filling in the ditches with light to help reduce fatigue and bring attention to any hazards that may appear from the sides.

Generally speaking, a flood beam shines light over a very wide area, while a spot beam shines light further into a more focused area.

This makes Flood Beams perfect for illuminating a wide area around a slow moving or stationery piece of equipment:


And Spot Beams are great for long-distance illumination:

SAE or SAE International is an abbreviation for Society of Automotive Engineers, which is an organization originally founded in the US in 1904/05.  SAE International is a globally active professional association focussed on developing standards for engineering of products in various industries, primarily automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicles.

Many vehicle inspectors throughout Canada & USA will look for SAE markings to quickly identify if vehicle parts meet the required standards for vehicle safety. 

SAE provides technical standards and recommended practices for design, engineering, and attributes of motor vehicle components.  SAE standards are often referenced by Transport Canada and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

UNECE or ECE Regulations are the body of UN Regulations recognized by Canada and the other 55 member states at this time.

At this time UNECE includes 56 member states in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Since August 9, 1973 Canada is included as one of these member states.

UNECE helps develop regulations, standards, and norms, which can be shared across the 56 member states promoting cross-border trade and movement.

For more information on ECE Regulations pertaining to vehicles, you can check out this link!

E-Mark codes are an ECE safety certification mark required by many countries including Canada applied to motor vehicle parts and systems.

For lights, the mark is usually on the inside of the lens for easy identification by vehicle inspectors and police officers.

NightDriver E-Mark lights meet stringent testing and performance requirements to bear the identification mark for street legal lighting.

Below is an example of what an E-Mark looks like:

Please note that some Canadian provinces as well as the US do not recognize E-Mark standards as street legal when it comes to auxiliary driving lights.