Adapting Corn Lights to Fit Your Fixture


Group of Corn Lights with Adapters

Corn Lights make the switch to the more energy efficient and longer lasting LED lighting especially easy. Simply unscrew the old bulb in your existing fixture and replace it with an LED Corn Light.*

Depending on your circumstances, however, you might run into one of the following problems:

1. Your fixture requires a light bulb with a common household screw base but you would like to use a higher wattage corn light with a large Mogul screw base.

2. Your fixture is enclosed and has limited space available. It requires a bulb with large Mogul screw base but a Corn Light with that base is too large to fit.

NightRider™ LED Commercial Corn Lights come in two different base sizes:

Common Household Screw Base (E26/E27) for all Corn Lights from 15W to 60W

Large Mogul Screw Base (E39/E40) for all Corn Lights from 80W to 150W.

1. Common Household to Mogul Socket Adapter

LED Corn Lights used in Stable



If you have a light fixture requiring a common household screw base bulb but would like to ramp up light output with a higher wattage corn light, you can accomplish this by using an adapter. Simply screw adapter NRC-CLW-CM onto the Large Mogul Screw base Corn Light and then screw into fixture.




Caution: Make sure not to exceed the maximum wattage supported by the fixture. If present, make sure to remove or disconnect ballast in your fixture before inserting corn light.



2. Mogul to Common Household Socket Adapter


An existing light fixture such as a wall pack might have limited space available. Corn Lights are fairly large and you might need to use a lower wattage one to fit into your fixture. If your fixture requires a Mogul Screw base bulb, you can also use an adapter downsizing your Large Mogul Screw base to a common household one. Simply screw on socket adapter and screw into existing fixture. Thanks to its high light output, even a lower wattage corn light can adequately replace your old bulb. Part# NRC-CLW-MC

*NOTE: Make sure to remove any existing ballast (if present) in your old light fixture before inserting the LED Corn Light.









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